About the BIA

Supporting the Business Community

The BIA was created to work with the local government, property owners and local organizations to help facilitate necessary changes and provide a collective voice in support of improving the downtown area.

Through a variety of programs and initiatives, the BIA is involved with business attraction and support, building façade improvements, streetscapes, safety and cleanliness, shopping promotions and special events.


The BIA takes pride in the strong relationship we have with City of Chilliwack staff and the elected Council, as well as Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation (CEPCO), who helps lead business attraction and development in the community. We work very closely with the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce, a leader in advocating for businesses, plus a number of other local organizations that are working towards a stronger Chilliwack.

The BIA Advantage

As members of the Downtown Chilliwack BIA, businesses and commercial property owners receive support and benefits unavailable in any other Chilliwack areas.

The BIA provides strength in numbers for small businesses, offering support and advocacy to ensure individual voices aren’t lost. We invest in cleanliness and safety initiatives, as well as general promotion of downtown through marketing and special events.

The BIA, in partnership with other communities, also has a Health Benefits Program that offers small companies an opportunity for pooled benefits that may otherwise not be affordable.

Member Registration

All commercial properties that fall within our boundaries are automatically members of the BIA, as are the businesses that operate on those properties.

Although there is no application process to become a member, we do require Member Registration to ensure we have accurate contact information for all members to keep them updated on what’s happening in the BIA.

2021/22 Board of Directors

President – Kevin Schroeder – Select Real Estate

Vice President – Frank Holzapfel – Supreme Tattoo Studio

Past President – Ruth Maccan – Prospera Credit Union

Secretary – Jesse Kasprow – Baker Newby LLP.

Treasurer – John Schulstad – Royal Bank


Dave Algra – Algra Brothers Developments

David Blaich – Wellington Natural Health

Brian Coombes – Chilliwack Economic Partners

Nicole Foisy – Coast Hotel by APA

Chris Franklin – Michaels on Main

Tracey Ganert – Voila Lash Lounge

Lynne Goodwin – Musicworx Home Audio Video

Coralee Grimm – Culture Co.

Dave Van Dongren – Mr. Lube

Sadie Hesketh – Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce

Jeff Shields – City of Chilliwack

Garrett Schipper – City of Chilliwack

The Marketing Committee is responsible for the controlling branding, imagery and messaging of the Association. They determine who we are targeting with what message, and how we get that message out to the appropriate audience. The Marketing Committee oversees the general direction of the BIA website and online presence, advertising, promotions and events.

The Downtown Design Committee works with the City and Chilliwack and local property owners on the physical environment and overall design elements. Details such as streetscapes, lighting, cleanup, building improvements and security are within their scope, as well as bigger picture items including City zoning regulations, parking strategies and major developments.

Contact Us

Our office is here to help. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments and our friendly staff will be glad to serve you.

46115 Yale Road
Chilliwack, BC V2P 2P2

Located in the Chilliwack Economic Partners Business Centre on Five Corners

T 604-792-4576
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