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2023 AGM Registration Notice

The Downtown Chilliwack BIA is hosting our 2023 Annual General Meeting:

Date: Thursday, June 22nd, 2023 @ 5:00 pm.

Venue: Coast Chilliwack Hotel by APA

Address: 45920 First Avenue, Downtown Chilliwack


As a BIA member, your attendance is important.  PLEASE NOTE only pre-registered voters that meet the criteria below will be able to participate in the discussion, motions and voting.  Pre-registration is easy, just fill out the form below to register.  


A selection of Appetizers and Beverages will be provided during meeting and a post meeting mixer will follow in the hotel Lounge.


To register as a voter, we require the following:


  • Identify yourself as a Commercial Property Owner or a Business Tenant

  • Provide your Commercial Property Address

  • Provide current contact information including email address and phone number


Each Commercial Property Owner and Business Tenant within the BIA are eligible to receive 1 vote. No individual may hold more than 1 vote, regardless of number of properties or businesses they own. 


If members own multiple properties or businesses, they may authorize representatives to register for additional votes. The same applies if the Business Tenant is also the Property Owner, resulting in the opportunity for a second vote. 


This years AGM will include a review of the 2022 Financial Statements, a preview of the 2024 operating budget, a vote on bylaw amendments and the election to fill possible vacancies on the Board.

2023 / 24 DCBIA Bylaw Amendments

        The Downtown Chilliwack BIA was created in 1995 with the support of downtown commercial property owners and tenant businesses, as well as the approval

        of the City of Chilliwack.  As part of the process, a Constitution and set of Bylaws were created to serve as a guide for how the association operates.  


        Through the 28 years of it's existence, the BIA has adjusted programs and operations to deal with the ever changing downtown environment.  While the BIA

        has evolved since it's inception, the original Bylaws can become outdated and require some minor amendments.

        At the 2023 AGM, the BIA will be brought forth a special resolution to approve revisions the the current Bylaws in order to update some of the wording in 

        accordance with the Societies act of BC, and to modernize some of the meeting procedures provided for.  The updates are focused on amendments that allow            us to function and communicate in a more modern and efficient manner.

Revisions to the following Bylaws will be proposed at the 2023 AGM:

         23 (1) The management of the Society shall be carried on by 14 Directors elected by the members.

         24 Seven (7) of the elected Directors shall be members of the society who are property owners and Seven (7) of the elected Directors shall be members of the                society who are tenants.

Accordingly, the following special resolution will be voted on by the members:

         Be it resolved, by special resolution of  ¾ of the Members present, Section 23 (1) and 24 of the Bylaws be hereby deleted in their entirety and replaced                       with the following:

         23 (1) The management of the Society shall be carried on by Ten (10) Directors elected by the members.

         24 Five (5) of the elected Directors shall be Members of the Society who are Property Owners and five (5) of the elected Directors shall be members of the                 Society who are tenants.

         Amendments to the BIA bylaws are being supervised by Board Secretary, Jesse A. Kasprow, of Baker Newby LLP, and the City of Chilliwack. Any questions or comments can be directed to the BIA office at          A complete copy of the Bylaws with the above-noted amendments “tracked” for reference is available upon request by contacting the BIA office, and will be provided to                      members who register for the AGM through the BIA website –

Board of Director Nominations


The Board of Directors is currently made up of 14 Elected members of the BIA – Owners and Tenants – Each voted in for two-year terms to represent the interests of the membership and help guide the Association.  As new seats open up each year, candidates for the vacant board positions can be officially nominated by any BIA member.  Nominations must be received in writing via email or by delivery to the BIA office no later than Thursday, June 1st, 2023 @ 4:00 pm.  

Download a BIA Board of Directors nomination form here:  NOMINATION FORM


All questions or correspondence regarding the AGM, including nominating candidates, can be directed to the BIA office.



46115 Yale Road, Chilliwack, BC V2P 2P2

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